The KBIS debate – should it be censored?

Last month, I posted a blog on this site Is KBIS Dead? and replied to my own question, “The show itself is far from dead.” However, I went on to point out the abysmal participation from major appliance manufacturers, and provided several comments from industry members.

Now it appears those of us who have been blogging in social media about industry events including KBIS are being admonished by a leading trade publication that we should “keep it to yourself and let people who care make up their own minds.”

It’s very disappointing to see a comment like this from someone whom I both admire and respect. I’ve been in this industry many years, attended many trade shows and other industry meetings, served on committees, and even spoken at industry gatherings. I think I have a right, maybe an obligation, to report honestly and truthfully on what is happening in our industry and not to “keep it to myself”.

All of us need to stay informed, and to discuss important industry events and issues. We need MORE comments and MORE debate not LESS to keep this business vibrant and healthy. Don’t keep it to yourself. Please feel free to comment below.


One Response to Appliances

  1. Art this was written in response to blogs from people that didn’t attend the show and are bad mouthing it. Those with a opinion about it that were there have every right to that opinion.
    Moe Lastfogel.

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